Dinner Time

  • Something that caught us completely offline was that several restaurants didn't open for dinner until 7:30 or later.

    It seemed to be that dinner time starts more commonly around 8 PM.

  • Yes, in southern Europe that is very much the case. Some areas do "early seating" as early as 8PM but typically that means that you are eating with the staff. It is more common for dinner to start around 9PM in some countries and as late as 11PM and heading towards midnight in some areas. Very different from northern Europe which eats well before US standards often making it hard to find food after 8PM.

  • Having lived in southern Spain for a while now, I have gotten used to the food schedules, more or less. Breakfast basically does not happen. Maybe coffee and a croissant (filled with chocolate, of course.) Then lunch won't start until 2:30 and if you don't make it before 5:00 you are out of luck.

    Then dinner, which is generally pretty small, is after 7:30 for sure and likely after 8:00. But be quick about it because by 11:00 most things are closed and there is no more food.

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