Tips for Learning a Language

  • In our upcoming trip with our kids to Spain (where we will be for nearly six months this year!!) we are hoping to be able to speak some amount of Spanish by the time that we are done. So we are exploring some tools for learning Spanish.

    The obvious tool that everyone turns to is Rosetta Stone and we have our "Spain Spanish" edition of Rosetta Stone that we are using. We are also using the free DuoLingo tool that is available for smartphones and online.

    I have also discovered playing Trivia Crack on my phone in Spanish has done wonders for pushing my reading comprehension. I am sure that there are many games that would work great for forcing foreign language skills as well.

    We will see how prepared we are for actually speaking Spanish in Spain, but part of our goal for being in one country for so long is to be forced to learn the local language and really be immersed in it.

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