Memorial Day Weekend in Fes, Morocco

  • This past weekend, a three day holiday weekend in the States, KAE took a drive to Tarifa, Spain and from there the fast ferry across the Tanger, Morocco and the train down to ancient city of Fes - the largest old medina in all of north Africa! We didn't travel alone but this time, in addition to the KAE family, our friends Rachel and Shawn from Dallas traveled with us. We stayed at a traditional riad, a classic Moroccan mansion, right in the medina. Riad Khouloud was a lot of fun and totally beautiful.

    We had a wonderful time and really felt like family in the riad. We got to know our hosts, Nourdine was the riad manager and was there to watch over us at all times. Nabile Nizar was our reception and concierge who spent a lot of time getting to know us and especially the kids. He went to great lengths to make our cranky four year old happy - so much so that the next morning she asked for him because she missed "the man who tried to make me happy." And Mrs. Aicha who prepared wonderful Moroccan cuisine for us.

    We were the only guests there when we arrived but some other travelers, from Lithuania, ended up joining us as well. The riad was just gorgeous and so comfortable. And that we spent our evenings hanging out in the "living room" with each other was very cool. We had our dinners in the riad as well up on the terrace high above the city with beautiful views. It was all very amazing.

    When visiting a city like Fes, using a riad is, I think, important because so much of the Moroccan experience is this "inward facing" home experience that you cannot get if you use a hotel. You need a riad or something similar to really experience the city the way that it is meant to be experienced. We got a guide on our full day there and toured the medina and did the traditional shopping thing that is just what you do there.

    It was a great three day weekend. And we were very happy that we got to experience a range of weather including a pretty dramatic rain storm that caused much of the city to flood while we were there.

  • From what I hear, it has been raining still for several more days in Fes. Way more rain than they are used to. Not unlike Texas which is getting flooded right now too.

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