Parking for the Tarifa to Tanger Ferry

  • Many online sources will tell you that the parking for the Tarifa Ferry to Tanger is free. Well, it is not. Not in the least. When parking at the ferry terminal, as of 2015, the price is roughly eighteen Euros per day, per car to park at the ferry terminal. There is plenty of parking available, from what I have seen, but it is anything but free.

    We have had people attempt to tell us that there is a discount on the parking if you ride the ferry, but this is an obvious lie because the parking is only for the ferry - anyone parking inside the ferry terminal would be crazy to use the most expensive parking in town for any purpose other than riding the ferry. It is close to nothing else and totally inconvenient unless you are boarding the ferry immediately. If someone tells you this, they are just trying to blow you off. When you disembark from the ferry the security line pops you right into the parking low. There is not discount nor means of telling anyone that you just rode the ferry. They will act like you are crazy. The price is simply eighteen Euros per day.

    So figure this into your planning. This raises the cost of a trip on the ferry considerably. You should probably make other automotive parking arrangements or shuttle into the terminal from elsewhere on public transportation if you want to save on the cost of parking. If you have a large vehicle and several people taking the ferry and a short stay in Morocco it might make sense to leave a car there. But for one or two people the parking cost can be pretty enormous even for a weekend getaway.

  • there is nothing Free In this World so the best thing which you should do is :smile: