Xplore World

  • This is a new show that we discovered on Hulu recently. It is from TravelXPHD. The show looks good and starts off well but the writing declines after the first few episodes (not that it started strong.) The show titles suggest that they are going to cover countries but the episodes appear to be shot in a single day, in a single location for the most part. So, for example, the first episode is labeled "Austria" but is really just a look at a very limited downtown area of Vienna. The show tends to focus on one of two really quirky activities to be a large portion of the episode material. Such as watching strudel making in Vienna or, in another episode, a painfully long and boring (and repetitious) talk between two guys about coin making. From what we can tell, the show is not primarily intended for western audiences. It does start in Europe but goes elsewhere after the first few episodes. If you are having a hard time finding travel shows to watching, its worth a visit, but not high on the list.


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