First Time Grocery Shopping in Norway

  • I just did my first attempt at Norwegian grocery shopping. As always, grocery shopping in a new country is one of my favourite things to do because it is just a great exposure to a new culture - everyone grocery shops and there is no hiding the "local" from you as a tourist.

    Norway is, so far out of about fourteen countries of grocery shopping, the hardest that I have ever had to do. Still fun and exciting, but way more difficult than I am used to. First of all, the store was so tiny that as an overweight American I literally had to suck in and squeeze to move down the aisles. I was actually pressed front and back against the shelves while scootching sideways! This is very tiny. Doing that while holding loads of groceries is quite the challenge. You will knock food down all over the place.

    The other challenge was figuring out what anything is. For the uninitiated, Norwegian is a challenging language. When it comes to food it is even harder because Norwegian food tends to be strongly of the "not common in the rest of the world" variety. So there are a lot of names and foods that you may not have seen before or at least, often, and that combined with not being able to read labels, even a little bit, makes grocery shopping extra challenging (and some may say, fun.)