And We Have a New Cat

  • One of the "dangers" of living in a home that has no roof and being continuously exposed to the outside world is that there is always the clear and present danger that animals will decide to enter the house uninvited. We have seen this one cat walking the roof lines for some time and have discussed for weeks what a problem it would be if the cat decided to come into the house because it would be so difficult for it to leave again.

    This morning when I got up at six I walked out of the bedroom and there it was, on top of the "laundry room" roof, looking at me. It is a young, relatively healthy looking tiger car. Quite young, I assume, probably an adolescent. It was timid and immediately jumped into the rafters where it attempted to hide in the shadows for the rest of the day being too scared to move.

    We opened the front door so that if the cat was to come down and walk around it would easily find a path outside if it so chose. But, of course, it never chose to do that. I put up a bowl of water for it very close to where it was hiding so that it would know that there was water if it needed it. Late in the evening I put some tuna fish up there too as that was the closest thing that we had to cat food in the house. If the cat is still here tomorrow I am going to have to consider getting a bag of cat food at the corner store as we have nothing to feed it and that was all of the tuna that we had.

    So we have a cat in Granada. That was unexpected.

  • The cat ended up living with us for two full days. One day we fend it tuna fish. The next day we ended up breaking down and buying real cat food assuming that he might be around for a while.

    But after getting some real cat foot in his system and a good night's sleep he appears to have decided to go back and look for his family. No sign of him today.