Parade in Granada

  • Dominica sent me out for donuts from the bakery around the corner. I could not go straight there because we were out of cash so I needed to go to the ATM downtown first. I ended up getting down to the bank right as the police were closing off the streets for the big parade to come through there. The same parade that had been going since at least six this morning.

    It was a huge parade. It just went on and on, quite surprising for this small city. From what I could gather this was another Sandinista political celebration. About half of everyone attending was wearing the 2015 Sandinista t-shirts and tons of people were carrying the FSLN (Sandinista) flags and many others had the Nicaraguan flag. There were trucks with speakers, people dancing, marching bands (including the one that plays in front of our house all of the time), banner carriers and all sorts of things. It was quite a party and massive numbers of people marching down the sidewalks with the main body of the parade.

    The parade went on and on, I never saw the end of it. I marched along with it for a while because it was between me and both the house and the bakery. So I had little choice. But it was a fun parade and I joined in. I managed to take some video as well, even though my phone was nearly dead.

    The parade ended up going into the afternoon. It probably lasted for eight hours at least. From what we could tell, they were making laps of the city.