Christmas in Granada

  • So it is not even mid-November yet and the shops are decorated for Christmas, the Parque Central has all of the light poles trimmed in red and green lights and our next door neighbours have a full Christmas tree set up, decorated and lit in their living room. Christmas seems to come early here in Granada. It is hot and feels like the height of summer but with El Dia de Muertes past us and no Thanksgiving like we have in the USA to act as a barrier Christmas is the next big holiday and people are already ready for it.

  • I read in a guidebook that the Christmas festivities start early here. Celebrated on December 7th in Leon and December 8th in the rest of the country, La Griteria Immaculate or the Feast of the Immaculate Conception is a Roman Catholic holiday. We celebrated it growing up with a special Mass and dinner at my grandparent's house. Here in Nicaragua where the majority of the population is Roman Catholic, these feast days become big celebrations.

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