Refugees at the Border

  • Just our luck that on the very day that we want to go to Costa Rica from Nicaragua that there is a humanitarian crisis going on and thousands of Cuban refugees attempting to make their way from Ecuador and Panama, through Costa Rica and up through Nicaragua would be trapped at the border blocking the roads.

    Apparently something like two thousands refugees had made it to Nicaragua and had been turned around and sent back over the border and are now causing issues in Costa Rica and the border is essentially closed. So if we make any plans or take the bus we might get stuck too. So we had to rule things out for tonight. We are going to reevaluate the situation in the morning. But we are not going to attempt the seven in the morning bus no matter what. So holding tight until then.

    These are the kinds of travel surprises that you are a bit more likely to run into in Central America. We would never have guessed that something like this would affect us going to visit friends this week.