Pre-Flight Detox

  • It's been three days without coffee at this point. Over the years I have adjusted to avoiding caffeine, something that I normally intake a lot of, in the days before flying. Jet lag gets the best of us and caffeine adds to dehydration and lowers your body's ability to regulate and adjust its sleep patterns around changes - plus it increases the total amount of sleep that you need, the opposite of what most people think because it makes them more awake at the time that they are taking it. So when doing long distance flights, like we are today, getting the caffeine out of the system and being able to handle rough sleep schedules is essential.

    Today we fly from Houston, Texas all of the way to Istanbul, Turkey and then back to Athens, Greece. The first leg alone is twelve hours in the air! And eight hours of time zone changes to absorb as well. This is going to be the roughest flight we have ever had, for any of us.

    l am very much looking forward to my first coffee on Crete.

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