Veliko Tarnovo Train Station

  • The city of Veliko Tarnovo is an important destination in Bulgaria and relatively popular with tourists, as far as not being the capital or a Black Sea beach town goes in the country. As such it has easy rail connections, primarily through Gorna Oryahovitsa which is a far larger station not far away.

    Tarnovo's rail station is small and cannot sell international tickets so if you need to travel outside of Bulgaria, such as to Bucharest, you will need to buy a local ticket to Gorna where you can then buy the onward ticket outside of Bulgaria.

    The Tarnovo station itself has no wifi and no power outlets so make sure that your devices are charged ahead of time. There is no snack shop inside of the station but there are two small cafe and snack shop businesses just in front of the station that you can easily use while waiting for a train. Nothing fancy but you can get an espresso, bottled water, maybe a sandwich and some crisps.

    The station is located on the small peninsula in the bend in the river in Tarnovo so it is physically close to both the old town, the new town and the Tsarevets but it is much lower in altitude and getting to and from it is rather quite a walk. Doable if you don't have kids or much luggage and especially walkable if going downhill (but check the distance, it's likely over a kilometre from where you will want to be) and the shortest route to most everything is via the footbridge at the north tip of the peninsula that goes west over the river.

    Tarnovo Train Station likely will not have an English speaker available and 3G service in the valley is limited to use a translation device. Be prepared with necessary questions translated ahead of time.

    Tarnovo does not have the facilities to accept credit cards. You will need to work in cash.

    There are taxis often located at the train station when a train arrives, if it arrives on schedule. If your train is late or you don't catch one of the first taxis they will disappear and none will show up again until the next scheduled train arrives. This can be a bit of a pain.

    The inside waiting area at Tarnovo station is sparse, to say the least, and extremely stuffy when I was there. Waiting outside is best unless it is quite chilly.

    Tarnovo Station - Gara Tarnovo:

    veliko tarnovo railway station

  • We took the train from Tarnovo to Gorna Oryahovitsa yesterday and it was BG 1.50 per person or BG 5.20 for a family of four.